Winery Tours

Your Designated Driver for Napa and Sonoma Wine Country Tours
For First Time Visitors & Returning Wine Enthusiasts and Collectors

MY SERVICE: As a former business executive I know the importance of exceptional customer service. My goal always has been not just to meet, but to exceed client expectations. Whether you are a first-time visitor to the wine country or a returning high-end collector I will provide a custom tour entirely driver-directed or I will accommodate your requests and preferences and strive for those “winery owner experiences” which are so special. I will build a wine-tasting itinerary which is unique to you and your party and which will maximize tasting time. Let me know if this visit is a special occasion (birthday or anniversary or engagement surprise) and I’ll let the pouring staff know – sometimes additional pours or amenities will be provided.

bill-bwDuring the tour we’ll stop at a gourmet grocery store to pick up tasty foods for your picnic or select a special luncheon restaurant. My service includes cold bottled water for hydration during the day and as refreshment with lunch or snacks.

As part of my service, I’m delighted to take photographs with your camera or mine during our tour to record what I want to be a truly memorable day.

Having driven throughout California for decades on recreational trips, I am ready to take clients (including foreign visitors) on extended trips to the Coast, the Sierras (Yosemite and national parks, Lake Tahoe), Santa Cruz, Monterey Peninsula, Mendocino and Lake Counties, the Paso Robles wine country and more.

Drive automatic transmission only.
I carry $1,000,000 of business liability insurance.

MY EXPERIENCE:  I’ve conducted wine tours for five years for a top limousine and touring company and have lived in the wine country for 20 years. I’m thoroughly knowledgeable about all the sub-appellations of Napa Valley and Sonoma County. Having conducted tours for hundreds of clients I have visited over 250 wine producers in Napa and 100 in Sonoma and know owners and hospitality staff who can make all the difference in the visitor experience. In Sonoma County I am a Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA).

TERMS & RATES: $40/hour plus gratuity; payable in cash (preferred) or credit card; six hour minimum; $50 minimum (plus tolls and parking) for pick up outside Napa and Sonoma Counties; and to remote locations, 50 miles or one hour or more (Google Maps). Booking requires credit card info. Cancellations: $50 / tour day two weeks before; $100 / tour day one week before.

My Clients Had Fun Times in the Wine Country